28 January 2014

Right now, I'm knee deep...

...into decorating our home.  And like most people I'm doing it on a budget...like a visittheclearancesectionineverystore budget.  So the other day when we were out running errands I begged pleaded encouraged my husband to stop into Kirkland's to see what the clearance section beheld.  I was sooo excited to see this
with an additional 25% off!!!  So each lamp ended up being $26.23!!!  And no they DIDN'T come with the lovely
green FrogTape on them...I just have the paint addiction.  This is how it looks with one coat of paint:

Now I'm sure it would have been easier to just spray paint them but we had a Home Depot going out of business and I got a gallon of Behr Hi Gloss Enamel for $14...so I plan to use it 'til the wheels fall off!  I plan to change up the finials and shades but I guess I'll wait until the sleet clears up outside.  OH! I also picked up a few of these
for a little over $5 each.  Strangely, there is no description on the boxes so I thought they were Christmas stocking holders until I removed the packaging and found this
Doesn't matter though...I love animals so they'll still come in handy.  I'll share what I did to them after the weather clears up.


Papercrafting Princess said...

Super Deals!!! Can't wait to see how you altered them.

Keandra said...

Thanx Princess!!! Almost there...but the weather's sooo beautiful I just wanna suck it up before we're hit with another polar vortex!!!

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