07 May 2011

Don't disturb this groove.

PLEASE!  I'm REALLY enjoying this kreative streak that I've been on.  I'm relieved to look at pictures and have a title magically materialize in my brain. I kreated these for a swap we have coming up (maybe I need to do a few more smaller items to REALLY kick my kreativity into gear!!!).  And I never stopped kreating my pages for the Examiner...gotta make the donuts!!!!  But, I'm loving that I'm seeing challenges and I'm up to participating again!!!  I've seen a couple that I plan to use to jump start some projects by the end of the month but I completed this
 and this
which were both inspired by the current sketch at Creative Scrappers.  The first page is just me and the littlest...doin' what we do when we're home alone!!  The second page is a few of the pictures that we took Easter Sunday.  My husband and I always joke about our "OUTlaws!"  so I thought I'd scrap about the GOOD ONES!!!  Since it's National Scrappy Day AND tomorrow is Mother's Day maybe I'll get some stuff DONE!!!  What's on your plate for this weekend?

01 May 2011

I'm sure you've already heard but...

...how do you feel about this man's death? 
WAIT...before you talk about what a monster he was and how many lives were lost on September 11th...I'm just thinking about the backlash.  He DOES have lots of supporters...people who I'm sure are pretty ticked right now.  Is this gonna turn into one of those "We're gonna getcha back" situations?  I listened to the President's speech a few times but it wasn't until I heard Tom Brokaw that the possibility of retaliation was mentioned...what do you think?  OH!  In the spirit of full disclosure, I DID finally get the child support!!!  I'm really just prayerful that it starts coming regularly because I feel that it's time out for foolishness; there's too much drama out there for me to invite it into my home!  If it's late again...ya KNOW I'll probably TELL YOU!!!!  HAAAA!!!
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