29 May 2010

You know...

... my family and I are supposed to be enjoying the last night of our vacation and I just finished bawling. I decided to check my emails and saw this Facebook update

Kendall told us at our reunion last May that the doctors had given him 11 months to live...that the brain tumor he had successfully fought as a child had aggressively returned. He vowed that he would fight but God decided that it was time for that fight to end. This guy graduated with me from high school...I called him my brother...and yet I didn't make it to the hospital to see him before we left home. I told John, "We need to visit Kendall before we leave" and even though he agreed, packing...paying bills...cleaning...EVERYTHING got in the way and time ran out. And I said to myself, "As SOON as we get home..." and now there is NO MORE TIME. DANG! WHY do I keep doing this to myself???? I know part of it is that I can't STAND to see someone in pain/dying. But, I HATE the guilt I feel after NOT seeing that person even more. I have a severe headache because I ache for his young wife and young son who have to continue on without their king. I cry because of the laugh I'll never hear again. And, I promise to never again get caught off guard by time. When my God and my mind are telling me to act NOW so time doesn't screw me again...I will. And I promise to use the time I have to love on the ones I care for. In your name, Kendall....because I love you.
I promise.

16 May 2010

This was...


Friday AND Saturday...
DOUSED in ketchup
and eaten on toast.

And you wonder why I'm 872 pounds?????


14 May 2010

Let's see...

1. packing kits
2. spring cleaning
3. getting ready for vacation
4. reporting to jury duty this morning for my schedule
5. finishing up this month's BUZZ AND BLOOM assignments
6. doing custom orders for the etsy shop
7. getting ready for Mahd's promotional ceremony
....and that's just today! I can't pray for life to slow down because I don't want God to stop blessing us! I just pray that I'll have a wonderful, relaxing vacation with my family where I can recharge.

Since I'm up at four-crack-o-dawn am, I decided to check out the BUZZ AND BLOOM blog...lo and behold, my page is featured...yay! We had to do a project based on the colors red, aqua and green. Go check out my page...pretty sweet, if I say so myself!
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