07 December 2010

My very first...

...post is up at Scraps of Color HERE.   This is one of the pages highlighted in my post.
Make sure to read the post to find out the story behind my cross dressing son and to see my other page.  You can read HERE   to find out how YOUR kreations can grace the pages of the Scraps of Color ezine and if you haven't already...sign up HERE for your free subscription!!!


Natalie Elphinstone said...

What a funny story! You probably do have a style you know, but I don't know that I'm very good at describing anyone's style. Or maybe it's more that there are several recognisable features to your work like the black outlines, the high-contrast colours, the splashy paint and hand-stitching. But it's all good I say!

Cindy Gay said...

He's such a sweet young man and it's good to tell his priceless stories.

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