06 November 2010

God and Google Saved My Marriage.

Anyone familiar with me knows that I don't listen to messages on the home phone daily.  My sister talks about me SOO badly that I've really tried to do better....so I've been listening to them every OTHER day.  A couple of days ago I was listening to the voicemail, pen in hand, when I got a huge shock.  A special investigator called and said there had been a complaint filed against my husband.  This man recited the complaint number and a phone number that John needed to call in order to respond to the complaint within 48 hours.  And by the way, the message went on to say, there's a restraining order against you associated with the claim.  I won't lie...my initial response was to flip OUT.  That lasted for about three minutes.  I took a deep breath and started thinking.  My husband is just NOT THE TYPE.  We've NEVER had this kind of drama (just BABY MAMA drama!!!;P)  He really doesn't go anywhere without me and/or the kids...when would he have had TIME to harass anyone?  ANOTHER deep breath.  I called John (who was at a play with Ahmad) and HE flipped out.  I tried to calm him down and told him that I would listen to the message again and write down the information.  Before I did that, I knelt by the sofa and told God that I knew He would make it turn out right.  God in return told me to research the number that the "investigator" left online.  This is what I found:

This individual isn't real.  This call...which could have brought on HUGE problems in my marriage if I hadn't had the foresight to investigate is a scam.  I'm SOO angry right now that these people, these GREEDY B@$!@&*$ caused us even TWO MINUTES of anguish.  I'm trying to convince my husband to call the police or at least the local news team...see how THEY like being investigated!

About a month ago, I was talking to Princess. She asked if I knew that there's a Fleur de Lis Cuttlebug embossing folder.  Princess knows that I'm a New Orleans girl and I BLEED Fleur de Lis!  I told her that I don't own a Cuttlebug and that was the end of it...I THOUGHT!  Yesterday I got this in the mail
The stickers on the left are metal...GORGEOUS!  I couldn't ( AND DIDN'T!) wait to use them
That's not the end of her generosity, though.  I also received this
I didn't fan the entire stack out for the picture but it's ENORMOUS!  I PROMISE YOU there must be about THIRTY sheets of this yumminess
Can you IMAGINE how long it took her to emboss all those sheets???   I'll be using these lovelies for a LOOONG time!  I'm SOO appreciative for people who do things like this JUST to be nice!  Thanx, Princess!  I love you, Mama!!!  OH!  And check out the CA-UTE card I got with my package

Hawt Mama in the red and white...SOOO me in 20 years!!!  Have a great weekend!


D'NiCole said...

1.Call the police!!!

2. The movement in the "cape" is so fly

Alia said...

Thank goodness you found out it was a scam before you went any further!

Great LO!

Anonymous said...

That's crazy Keandra! I would be sooo mad too! I'm glad you took a few breaths and calmed down long enough to investigate. Thanks for the warning.

WillieburgScrapper said...

A scam a lot like this almost happened to me too! I freaked out too till my Mom was like What happened? and was able to tell it was a scam because the caller wasn't specific about the credit card I had supposedly used.
Great idea to google it- and pray about it :)

Jaime Lynne said...

I agree with D'NiCole... call the police. That's so WRONG.

And I love that card! Adorable!

Cathy said...

So glad you were smart and they could not fool you. Some people!!! I am also guilty of not checking messages. I hate it.

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