30 April 2010

I thought I was gonna die.

This monster toothache started a few days ago. Just the regular achin' where Orajel relieves it. Within a matter of hours, it progressed to my face being swollen and my neck and head stiffening. I tried DRINKING Orajel (for those of you who don't know my sense of humor...that's a joke...but I thought about it!) I tried hot compresses, ice, hot tea...and still I suffered. Hubbs decided that we would just go to the dentist's office Friday morning. Dr. PJ took one look at me and told me he'd fit me right in! He had to drain the infection from around the tooth and he packed it with medication. I have to take antibiotics for about a week and then have more work done. Thanx for those of you who checked on me and were concerned but I'm better...and back to KREATING!
I got a little ambitious with the April Kreatorville kit and made TWO mini albums! Ahmad's promotional exercise is in a few weeks and I wanted to make an autograph book for him.
That Sassafras patterned paper was perfect for the cover because it SCREAMS guy to me! The vintage Making Memories brads were in the March kit and the mini wooden pencil is from my stash; everything else is part of the April kit.
I made an inside page with Mahd's Easter picture, which I laminated before gluing down. (After all the work I did, I'd HATE for one of his friends to decide that he would look CUTE with a green mustache. THEN, I'd have to cut somebody...THEN I'd be in jail...THEN would entertain you all???) Please excuse my binding work. I haven't used my Bind-It-All in a few months and it looks like I need to go back to BindItAllagarten because I SUCK at it now!!!! Anywho, the book is finished except for one special element: I plan to add a picture of Mahd with family members. So, when his Dad autographs his book, he'll sign on his special page
I also decided to use the April kit to house all of the food pictures we take. I don't know why but LOTS of times John and I cook meals that I look at and say, DANG! I have to take a picture of that! So, I already have this
ready to house them! The first page
has shots of the salads my husband made for dinner one night. And, they WERE just as good as they look! I can't WAIT to fill this book up! The pancakes are an example of the embellishments available in my etsy shop and the rolling pin and doily are stash; everything else is from the April kit!
The last project I kreated for April is a page

called "Two November Ladies". My sister friend and I both celebrate birthdays in November...as a matter of fact, we're two days apart. Last weekend, we had an impromptu photo shoot at the park. These colors are SOO perfect to scrap spring pix!!! I used a scrap of Jillibean paper to punch some of the butterflies but everything else is from the April kit!
Happy National Scrapbooking Day to you! We have some great challenges going on here, on Charity's blog and at Kreativity!!! ANYONE signing up to follow all three of the blogs will be in the running to win this
Charity is hosting a card challenge on her blog;the winner will receive
and the Kreatorville blog has a sketch challenge going on with a great prize involved...check it out!


Natalie Elphinstone said...

wow - the world just seems to keep throwing challenges your way doesn't it? I hope for a speedy recovery.
But meanwhile - I'm loving the mini-books, especially that mini rolling pin. Awesome. And that layout.... what can I say? AMAZING! Love all the punch work.

Peggy said...

So sorry to hear about the toothache sweetie, Natalie's right, you have been having some rough times lately. I hope you'll feel better soon. How's Kea doing?
Your projects are fab as always, I so love your work!
xxx Peggy

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh U poor thing!! I hope U feel better soon!! I love love love love your creations!! They are AMAZING! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jenneke said...

Poor Keandra...I'm so glad your toothache is better now!!
LOVE your mini's and your layout! I missed the postman today!!!! Now I have to wait until monday to get my kits!!!

Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend!


*charygirl said...

OMgoodness girl! At least the KELL doesn't live by you.....she would have tried your last infected nerve. ;) John's a good man to take you.

Are we having fun yet??

Sharon's blog said...

Oh Kea, you just can't catch a break. Sure hope you feel better soon. Love November ladies. What a super layout and one I might have to scraplift if you don't mind.

Jennifer Y said...

First off...I TOTALLY know how you feel with the tooth problem! Had the samething happen to me last year...horrible pain, worse than child birth!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your work...gorgeous albums and layouts!!!

Lloyd said...

So sorry about the toothache. I really enjoyed looking at your blog. My wife and I are into scrap booking. God bless, Lloyd

Jaime Lynne said...

Those mini-albums are incredible... some of your best work!

So sorry about the toothache. I am suffering from one right now and I just need to bite the bullet (haha!) and go to the dentist.

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