11 March 2010

This sister...

...has been doing it for herself...ummm, minds OUTTA the gutter now, kiddies...I mean KREATING! Sometimes I get tired of making THIS project to submit to a magazine or THAT project to try out for a design team...I even get weary when preparing layouts using kit components...I KNOW...blasphemy, right?!? But, I do! And when I need to recharge...why, I kreate some more!!! But, it's different when it's PERSONAL! I don't have to worry about using perfect picture or composing the perfect journaling...I can just DO IT...ummm, I thought we discussed the GUTTER! Here are some of the pages I've just completed:

Me as an itty bitty!!! Don't you want to BITE those cheeks!?!

Mahd and Kea in the airport a few months ago. Kea can have fun ANYWHERE...he's his very own entertainment!!!
Kea and the doctor who delivered him. Since I've lost the original image, I had to settle for scrapping this small print...not ideal but this is for ME so...WHO CARES????
This is our 18 year old when she was younger. I just realized that the majority of the pages I've completed showcase older pictures...maybe I'm subconsciously wishing for a simpler, bygone period in my life! OR, these could be the first pictures I picked up! Anywho, it's almost 2am, John just knocked Kea outta the bed and went RIGHT BACK TO SLEEP so, I not ONLY have to put him BACK to sleep, I have some dishes and dusting calling my name (I get LOTS of chores done when the testosterone level around here isn't so high...and ACTIVE! In other words...time to get back to (my) life...back to reality. But, I'll be back soon because I have a question to ask you all.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

wowwwwwwww!!! these are all gorgeous!!! i loveeeeeeeeeeeee the stitching! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

*charygirl said...

I love vintage Keandra! It's such a lovely page. The plane photos are hilarious and I love the setting for your dr. page.....all that creativity! You rocked it woman. Hang in there!

Sharon's blog said...

Do I see flowers on this page....wow I am impressed

Jenneke said...

GORGEOUS pages again, Keandra!!!
My favorit is the Airplane one!
And it was a great pleasure again to read your post!!


Vel said...

FAB stuff, Kea, as always! Love your stuff you do for you. Sometimes you gotta step back. Nice work!

Peggy said...

You keep amazing me Kean! I love every single one of them.
xxx Peggy

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