23 December 2009

You know...

...it's like my posts are getting far and few in between! it's not that i haven't WANTED to blog! our baby boy has been really sick this past week. around 1am, when he threw up FIVE TIMES within an HOUR...we knew it was time to go. and, let me tell you: there was NO JOY and fa la la la la in THAT hospital last night! the doctors told us that keanohn has respiratory syncytial virus and bronchiolitis. sunday morning, he awakened with a temperature of 102. but, kea gets like this ever so often (as a matter of fact, he was sick LAST december!) so we didn't immediately take him to the emergency room. but, we watched him closely....and he progressively got worse. by the time we left for the hospital this morning, i was afraid to take my camera with me. i normally DO take it when we go because keanohn does some of the FUNNIEST things while we're there. do you know what my mind kept telling me? if you take pictures of keanohn during this hospital stay, they'll be the last pictures you take of him. may seem crazy to you but i felt that all down in my genes and chromosomes....and i left the camera home.
and that's one of the best decisions i've made. the respiratory therapist had to give him two breathing treatments and it took FOUR of us to hold him down!!! he's lost 5 lbs and he's down to 30 but he still has BEASTLY strength!!! he doesn't like anything covering his face so the breathing treatments...a HORRIFICAL experience!!! the chest x-rays weren't much better. all in all, he's doing better. his breathing is not as labored and even though the coughing still rattles him, he hasn't thrown up in the last couple of hours...i even got him to eat scrambled eggs and i'm just monitoring him to make sure they stay down. we have to give him breathing treatments every 3 hours and he goes back to the doctor tomorrow for more tests but he's on the mend...i'm claiming it! i really want to thank pegs, chary and mz blue for their encouragement and prayers this past week!
needless to say, we're gonna miss the christmas celebration AGAIN this year! we think kea will be more comfortable at home with not so many folks around. plus, my mom's immune system is not strong enough to handle getting what he has. the homebody in me is grateful. i prefer being home. it's ahmad's year to spend christmas in atlanta, so the boys won't be opening their gifts until he returns next week. so, i'm gonna enjoy watching movies and eating with two of my favorite guys. and when the little guy sleeps, i'm gonna put on my leopard galoshes and fa la la john's la! it PROMISES to be a GREAT DAY!!!
you know, charyamore told me that john and i are TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE parents because we don't give each of our kids an ornament each christmas. naw, i'm joking but i DID think it was a great tradition when she told me about it. when john and i went to hobby lobby last week, we picked these up for ahmad:
because he's our basketball player this year! (how CUTE is that chuck taylor with the christmas tree in the center?!?! ) for our car and truck fanatic, we got these
i LOVE them but OBVIOUSLY not as much as kea who keeps trying to take them off the tree!
OH! the december kreatorville kit is LIVE!!! here's a peek at some of the yumminess:
how BEAUTIFUL are those papers?!?!? and the TRUE beauty of this? that's not the BEST part of the kit!!!! go on over there to SWOON over the rest of the december kit and possibly win a FREE KIT!!!!
i have SO MUCH to do that i'll leave you with only TWO of the projects i kreated with this kit!
this is one of the pictures that we took in texas. the "winter" portion of the title is one of the handmade embellishments available with the december kit. every embellishment and paper used on this page is included in the december kit!
also, i was able to find a FEW minutes this month to branch out and kreate a home decor item! mr. snowman is decked out in the latest finery from the december kit. i LOVE the way the pearls look all over the front of his plump belly!!!! if you're interested in a kit, contact me @ keandra@kreatorvillekraft.com. i'll be back soon with better news on my kea (i'm CLAIMIN' IT!!!)


Peggy said...

aaah Kean, I just wrote in my last mail that I hoped it wouldn't have been necessary to take him to hospital ... I'm so sorry to hear you had. I'm glad to hear he's feeling better now, but happy to hear you're keeping a close eye on him. Staying at home would be the right decision, I so agree!!!! I'll be thinking of you tonight sweetie, and I'm sending you some christmas spirit your way. Though by the sounds of the fa la la you won't be needing me thinking of you guys LOL. Have fun, that's all I have to say about that LOL!!

Needless to say I love your kit and projects, right? You already KNOW I do!

Keep me posted about Kea's condition sweetie!

Love you xxx Peggy

Pocono Pam said...

Wow! Glad all is workinf out ok with your son! Take care my friend! My love and rayers are with you!

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