17 November 2008

it's OFFICIAL!!!!

I guess I can finally tell the world: I'm officially a member of the Buzz and Bloom 2009 Design Team! Is that freakin' on time or WHAT?!?! And how great was it that one of the owners called me PERSONALLY to welcome me to the team...all the way from Australia? Now that's LUV!!!!
What tripped me out too is that I'm the only American...I'm gonna rawk the B & B HARD for all my fellow U.S.A.-ers! I'm so excited I don't know what to do! I'm looking forward to being on a team with SO MUCH talent! I can't wait to get started!!!! My birthday is Friday, and hubbs is taking me to Beau Rivage (casino and resort) to enjoy a few days of down time. We don't gamble but I'm sure we'll find SOME way to entertain ourselves! ;) This week has started off with a bang! The littlest boy's birthday party was Saturday at the Louisiana Children's Museum so I'll be back soon with pix and the drama we had!
btw, these are two of my entries. the other-which happens to be my fav-was sadly eaten by my computer! as soon as i get home from my trip, i'll rescan and share! kreate beauty this week!


Rochelle said...

WoooHoooo!!! Congrats!!! :) Your work is fantastic!!!

.charity.sorrells said...

WhOoP WhoOP!!!!! You go girly!! I'm so proud of you! And seriously, an international call.....how professionally COOL is that??!!

Blue Banana said...

Oh cool! Congrats!! Your work is awesome!!!

Dolores said...

Congrats on your DT

Laurajean said...

Woohoo, Congratulations girl....your stuff ROCKS ;)

Anonymous said...

congratulations girl! :) you deserve it!


Belinda Venables said...

Congrats on the DT - way to go!

Thanks for popping into my blog and saying hi!


Anonymous said...

YAY! keandra! can't wait to work wicha!

hey, K. do you sub to SFTIO? I think I see some in here :)

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