13 June 2010

I'm very easily....

...pleased. I love when my husband and kids hand-make cards for me. I love being given an entire day to kreate. Love looking back at pictures I've taken of time with family and friends and reminiscing...the little things make me happy. So, when I got this unexpected yummy

in the mail , I was giddy! Something SOO small, right? But, I didn't pay for it and I had no idea it was coming...just a great surprise! And, it inspired me to kreate IMMEDIATELY!

I made this page as a tribute to God because he NEVER stops showing us that His way is BEST and that we don't have to understand...just have FAITH. Let me tell you why my husband and I are SOO great together on road trips: we have that "Just wanna GET THERE" mentality! We make as few stops as possible and we pack food so we can eat on the go. If it wasn't for my Mom getting sick a couple of years ago, we'd probably NEVER stop! (Mommy had a blood clot break free from her leg and travel to her lung during a road trip. The doctors have cleared her to take long rides again with the stipulation that she stop every two hours to avoid having more clots form) All of that will help you to understand how I felt when we left Orlando late recently. It's already a TEN HOUR ride and WE left late. THEN, we ended up going the wrong way...GRRRR!!!! My mind kept saying, "OK, THAT added another hour to the trip!" When we finally stopped for directions, the guy sent us on an unfamiliar course. It got us home but it took longer. Because he was a Florida native, he figured he would give us directions which didn't put us in the heart of traffic (it WAS Memorial Day!). I was FURIOUS!!! At the end of vacations, I'm SOOO ready to get HOME...don't add MORE time to my arrival time. Well, so that I don't blow a gasket, I have to talk to/encourage myself. I told myself that there was a reason we left late and had to take a different way home. I encouraged myself to know that, though I didn't understand, this was HIS will and that He knows best. That helped me calm down and I exhaled and decided to read. MAYBE ten minutes after I had my epiphany, we heard/felt a LOUD thud that made us all scream...well, all except Kea because he slept through it! John slows dramatically from the 80 m.p.h. we WERE doing to about 40 and pulls onto the shoulder from the left lane. When we discovered this

my knees LITERALLY got weak...I had to sit down. A HUGE piece of rubber popped off of the tire. Now, all of you SPEEDSTERS know that the rate of speed we were traveling REALLY should have caused the ENTIRE tire to blow and we REALLY should have flipped over. We REALLY should have caused a major pile up because of all the OTHER speedsters traveling 80 behind us. But, because GOD was in control.....there was NO CAR IN SIGHT ON EITHER SIDE OF THE HIGHWAY!!!! On Memorial Day??? REALLY??? I was SO humbled! I kreated the above page because I ALWAYS want to remember that the most IRRITATING things happen NOT to aggravate you but because they fit into His plan...can I get an AMEN???

WHEW!!! Now that I've taken y'all to CHU'CH up in here, I'll share another page I kreated with my Webster's Bloomers! My brother is a professional model but most of the time I look at him as JUST my baby brother...I used to change his diapers...what do you EXPECT??? But, there are times when I see him and he TRULY takes my breath away because he really IS beautiful. I checked his Facebook page recently and stole...ummm, scored some great shots
and I used my Bloomers to scap them. I have about two more projects in the works and then I'm just gonna hoard the rest (admitting you HAVE a problem is the first step, right...RIGHT???)

I recently had this project featured over on the Buzz and Bloom blog (yeah...you have to go THERE to see the entire thing!) We were asked to show the world our kreative process...LAUGHABLE!!! I NEVER do it the same way (ummm, we ARE talking about SCRAPPING, people!!!) Make sure to check out the other's girls' projects because NONE of us do it the same way!!!

So, have you visited KREATORVILLE recently? You HAVEN'T...WHAT??? Then, you MISSED The Husband's projects when he guest designed for June? AND you don't know that some of the older kits are being offered at 50% off of their original cost??? AND you're missing the fabulous Ms. Nat's Kreatorville week over at her blog??? PLUS, you're missing out on the opportunity to enter a project into this month's sketch contest??? I did this
page but of COURSE I can't win...ummm, what are you still doing HERE???? Get on over THERE!!!!

12 June 2010

What is random?

Main Entry: 1ran·dom
Pronunciation: \ˈran-dəm\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, succession, surge, from Anglo-French randun, from Old French randir to run, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German rinnan to run — more at run
Date: 1561

: a haphazard course

at random : without definite aim, direction, rule, or method at random>


Then, how is it that my Daddy, husband and me were all chosen to do jury duty...at the SAME TIME??? And my summons went to my parents' house...along with my Dad's! Random my BEHIND!!

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